05 setembro, 2007

Viral Comunications

Viral Communications
focuses on constructing agile, scalable, collaborative systems that
permit uncontrolled growth, minimal power use, and maximum ability to
intercommunicate, with viral architectures moving the intelligence from
the trunk to the leaves. Centered in the MIT Media Laboratory,
this work addresses both the basic mechanisms of radio and the
applications that embed communications in the bits and pieces of daily
life, from clothes, to dog collars, to furniture.

>> View Executive Summary (pdf, 15 pages)

Primary motivation for the program comes from the recognition that
there is a growing network constituency that:

  1. has no natural allocation authority;

  2. needs to be spectrally futureproof;

  3. will reinterpret the physical laws of wired and radio communications via modern hardware; and

  4. demands ultra-rapid system reconfiguration at all time scales and at all layers of architecture.

3 rings of viral

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