09 junho, 2006

2006 Summer of Code Projects (14) | drupal.org

2006 Summer of Code Projects (14) | drupal.org

Sairam os projetos selecionados pro Drupal Summer of Code 2006 (pw by google).

Primeiro que o Fabiano Sant'Ana (brother drupaleiro, que manja muito |#|) entrou na parada como mentor, segundo que tem uns projetos muito loucos.
Por exemplo:

- Create a GData API within Drupal. This API will generate syndication similar to the RSS and ATOM feeds but, will add functionality for queries, updates, optimistic concurrency (versioning), and authentication. This will enable outside clients to access information on a drupal site and modify it.

- The AJAX Form creator project aims to create a browser-based form builder for Drupal. Examples of such form builders include:

- The ultimate LaTeX module for Drupal
precisa explicar...!?

- ImageMagick integration for Drupal

Aqui está o anúncio oficial.

"I can't help but think that 2006 will be the most exciting summer that Drupal has ever had!"
(Robert Douglass)

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Maurício M. Maia disse...

Err! Se eu tivesse por dentro do Drupal tinha entrado nessa do Form Creator. Tô fazendo isso fora dele... :/

Fiz algo simples no phpGroupWare, agora tá saindo algo "dedicado", usando o Code Igniter.